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An open letter to college brats.

February 11, 2009

I posted this in a few places attached to my real name. It’s being posted here for SL friends to read.

Dear College Students,

I could write a long rant here about your stupid whining and bitching, but instead I’m going to boil it down to the basic sentiment.

Suck it up.

If you’re struggling in a class, get the fuck out of the bar or off the internet or away from whatever the hell it is distracting you from your books and get help and study rather than showing up unprepared. Nobody cares that a class hates you or you hate it if you’re not actively attempting to do anything other than occasionally show up and fail a test.

I mean, really. If you can’t be bothered to make an attempt, why waste the money? You’re not required to do this. It’s a choice. Choose something else. Apprentice to a plumber or something, but quit whining about how simple core college curriculum is too hard for you. It gets more intensive from here on in, and you can’t hack this? Quit wasting my time with your piteous mewling.

A special corollary. Laptops are really neat, aren’t they? I remember what it was like before they were so widespread! You had to actually pay attention in class and take notes rather than sit there and watch movies and do IMDB searches on banal celebrities instead of listening to what the professor had to say. Facebook is not so urgent that whatever your bud is doing that moment won’t still be there in fifty minutes. And it’s not just distracting you–it’s distracting me.

Knock it off.

And you, girl in my Western Civ class, I want to single you out for something. I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but my tax dollars and tuition and fees all go toward that internet connection you were using for software and movie piracy during class today. When I find out your name–and I will–I am going to lodge a complaint about you with the school’s IT department complete with the suggestion that your laptop be banned from the network by the MAC address.

I don’t care what you do on your own time. I have a folder full of audio drama and television that I’ve downloaded, myself. Pulling that shit in class from unsafe trackers? That’s a risk to network security and it’s just plain crass. Also, please wear pants that fit…hell, just wear underpants. I did not appreciate your red track pants falling halfway down your ass today. That was chavtastic, which sort of shocks me as we live in Florida and I shouldn’t be able to use that term to apply to you.

In short, arrgh.

No love,